18th Century Brewing

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I. Of the Nature of the Barley-Corn, and of the proper Soils and Manures for the Improvement thereof.
  II. Of making good Malts.
  III. To know good from bad Malts.
  IV. Of the Use of the Pale, Amber, and Brown Malts.
  V. Of the Nature of several Waters, and their Use in Brewing.
  VI. Of Grinding Malts.
  VII. Of Brewing in general.
  VIII. Of the London Method of Brewing Stout, But-Beer, Pale and Brown Ales.
  IX. Of the Country or Private Way of Brewing.
  X. Of the Nature and Use of the Hop.
  XI. Of Boiling Malt liquors, and to Brew a Quantity of Drink in a little Room, and with a few Tubs.
  XII Of Foxing or Tainting of Malt Liquors; their Prevention and Cure.
  XIII. Of Fermenting and Working of Beers and Ales, and the unwholesome Practice of Beating in the Yeast, detected.
  XIV. Of several artificial Lees for feeding, fining, preserving, and relishing Malt Liquors.
  XV. Of several pernicious Ingredients put into Malt Liquors to encrease their Strength.
  XVI. Of the Cellar or Repository for keeping Beers and Ales.
  XVII Of Sweetening and Cleaning Casks.
  XVIII. Of Bunging Casks and Carrying them to some Distance.
  XIX. Of the Age and Strength of Malt Liquors.
  XX. Of the Profit and Pleasure of Private Brewing and the Charge of Buying Malt Liquors.
    To which is added,

A Philosophical Account of Brewing Strong _OctoberBeer. By an Ingenious Hand.


By a Person formerly concerned in a Common Brewhouse at London, but for twenty Years past has resided in the Country.

The SECOND EDITION, Corrected.


Printed for Messeurs Fox, at the Half-Moon and Seven Stars, in Westminster-Hall. MDCC.XXXVI.

[Price Two Shillings.]