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Beer A poem by George Arnold
A Shocking Tale A disturbing tale of abduction and seduction
Two Old Maids Another old ladies in a bar joke
Charlie Mopps The man who invented beer - a song
Musical Drinking Yet another "walked into a bar" joke...
Beer Goggles Explained Ever wonder if the 'beer goggles' effect could be reduced to a formula?  If so, you are probably as geeky as your host.
One Saturday Afternoon Is that what they mean by 'lawnmower beer?'
Are you sure? Coulda used a snorkel
The Consequences of Sloppy Thinking Beer lovers, lost at sea
Old-Time Religion Pete Seeger's song makes mention of mead
No Beer, No Work The song by Sammy Edwards - a protest against prohibition.
No Beer, No Work The Ellis Parker Butler Poem - originally published in Snappy Stories.
Lager Beer Song Copied out from a piece of old sheet music; it is meant to be sung to the tune of "Bold Privateer"
Hangover Ratings If you have ever wondered how best to quantify the persistence and severity of a hangover, we have help for you.
Brewery Presidents To beer or not to beer, that is the question.
Texan in Ireland Some skills we are not even aware we have until challenged
Nevermore Stick to beer - hard liquor bears a cost that is sometimes too great a price to pay
The Prancing Pony Inn A song sung byFrodo - taken from The Lord of the Rings
Nottingham Ale A traditional drinking song - perhaps an early example of advertising claiming great things of a product.
Litany of Beer Beer is the mindkiller
Hydrogen Beer Flammable beer is Japanese nightclub fad
Shorties A short collection of short drinking jokes
A Drunk, Pulled Over She can't have just decided to stop talking
Wanna Bet? Ned has a bad fall
The Patch Sometimes it is best to dissemble
Giraffe Guy walks into a bar with a giraffe...
3 Little Pigs Everyone has their particular function - even a pig
Olde Tyme Joke They must be from Milwaukee
Women in Bars What her drink tells you
Drug Warning Police warn all male clubbers, party-goers and unsuspecting pub regulars to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from a woman.
The Beer Bill of Rights Requirements for providing the citizenship with adequate access to beer.
Warning Labels For protection of consumers
5 Stages of Drunkeness Being drunk is not an either/or condition: in fact, there are five distinct stages.
12 Stages of Drunkeness UK Edition - Evidently, folks of the empire feel the need for more closely defined drunkeness
A Beer Philosophy of Life No matter how full your life is...
Beer Toasts A variety of toasts related to beer
Norm's Cheers Quotes Classic normisms
The "Beer Me" Diet Lose weight with beer!
warning! requires consumption of "light" beer
Great Thoughts on Beer Frequently updated quotes about beer and drinking
Fun Beer Facts Trivia tidbits - this file is likely to continue growing as I continue to gather more trivia on the subject of beer and brewing
The Buffalo Theory Another very good scientific reason that drinking beer is good for you and makes you smarter.
top 10 Reasons Beer is Better Than Religion If you need reasons, here they are.
Reasons to Serve Beer at Work In case you need to rationalize getting drunk on the job.
Beer Troubleshooting Guide At last: help for barflys
Scientific Findings Is it true that beer contains large amounts of female hormones?
Santorum Is this the nastiest stuff in the world or what?