Goddess' Milk

Goddess' Milk label
Batch Number:
Starting Gravity:
Volume: 6 gallons Final Gravity: 1.020

Fermentable 1:
7.5 liters grape juice concentrate from Vintner Reserve Bourgeron Blanc wine kit
Fermentable 2:
7 # Richard Miller 2003 Honey

Other 1:
15 gr bentonite (from kit)
Other 2:
4 gr potassium metabisulfate (from kit)
Other 3:
isinglass (from kit)


1 vial White Labs WLP720 Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast
1 packet Red Star Premier Cuvee wine yeast (5gr)

  • Warmed honey to 190F and held for 15 minutes
  • Added honey water and wine concentrate to sanitized plastic fermenter
  • Added water to make 23 liters
  • Stirred thoroughly
  • Added bentonite - which promptly formed a cake on the thermometer (which was floating in the must) - knocked the clod off thermometer and stirred some more in a probably vain attempt to break up the bentonite.
  • Cooled must to 90F and pitched yeast

2/28/04 - after one week, there is no discernable fermentation - Thinking that the yeast may have been dead, I added the packet of yeast included with the kit.

4/10/04 - gravity is at 1.030 - racked to glass.  This is so sweet that I may add some water to it the next time I check it. 

9/19/04 - still sweet, but not overly so - now it is sweet like a sherry or port.  It is time to bottle, but this will want a little while in the bottle to mature.  Color is slightly yellowish but clear.  The drop of .11 in specific gravity calculates to 13% alcohol by volume.