Mountain Spice

Mountain Spice label
Batch Number:
Starting Gravity:
    Final Gravity: .995

Fermentable 1:
6# Orange Blossom Honey
Fermentable 2:
5# Buckwheat Honey
Fermentable 3:
1# Clover Honey

Flavoring 1:
12 teabags Celestial Seasonings Mountain Chai Spice tea

Other 1:
5 tsp yeast nutrient
Other 2:
 3 tsp acid blend (citric, malic and tartaric acids)
Other 3:
 1 tsp Irish Moss
Other 4:
 3/4 Cup corn sugar for priming

White Laboratories WLP099 Platinum Series High Gravity Ale Yeast

  • Honey, yeast nutrient, acid blend and Irish Moss brought to a boil in 2 gallons water
  • Meanwhile, 1 quart of water brought to a boil and tea steeped for 15 minutes.
  • Immediately on boil, heat removed from must and tea added
  • Must cooled - water added to make 5 gallons
  • Yeast pitched
  • Notes:

    3 November 2002: Bottled.  The color is reddish-golden and very attractive.  The flavor is already well-developed, (due to the long secondary fermentation?) and only slightly sweet.  I primed with 3/4 Cup of corn sugar and bottled with crown caps for a sparkling mead.