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Drink responsibly: dignity cannot be preserved in alcohol

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Jurassic Park, look out!

An ancient yeast recovered from inside the fossil of a weevil caught in amber has been propogated by a scientist at California Polytechnic State University. The scientist, Raul Cano, has formed the Fossil Fuels Brewing Company and markets a beer fermented with the yeast. A benefit of his work is that his is the only brewery with access to a yeast which produces a distinctly different beer. "Our yeast has a double angle: We have yeast no one else has and our own beer recipes," Cano says.

The beer has received good reviews and is reported to be smooth, with an unusual spiciness most noticeable at the finish. "The ancient yeast is restricted to a narrow band of carbohydrates, unlike more modern yeasts, which can consume just about any kind of sugar," according to Cano.

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a portrait of David Dickason - with a stein from Frankenmuth Brewery (now defunct)

David's Photo by Rosh Sillars

Recently I began to feel this void in my life, even after meals, and I said to myself, "Dave, all you do with your spare time is sit around and drink beer. You need a hobby." So I got a hobby. I make beer.
          --Dave Barry